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~    Community News    ~
Minutes, November 12, 2019, Unofficial
Posted on Nov 13th, 2019
Proposed new RULES
Posted on Nov 13th, 2019
At the 11/12 BOD meeting new proposed rules were presented.  We will vote on them at the December meeting.  All owners have the opportunity to review and comment prior to that meeting.  That may be done by replying via the "Comments" section of this new article or by sending an email to owsunn@gmail.com.  The proposed rules are:
  • Signs
    a)     No “For Sale/For Lease/For Rent” signs shall be placed in the windows, on any area of the unit exterior, or on common property.
    b)    A security services sign is permitted.
    c)     Signs are permitted for Garage/Yard Sales and Realtor’s Open Houses for the duration of the event.
  • Over the air reception devices
         a)   a)     Permitted are video antennas including direct-to-home satellite dishes that are less than one meter (39.37") in diameter, TV antennas, and wireless cable antennas. 
Extract  from FCC regulation follows:
Q:  What types of antennas are covered by the rule?
A:  The rule applies to the following types of antennas:
(1) A "dish" antenna that is one meter (39.37") or less in diameter (or any size dish if located in Alaska) and is designed to receive direct broadcast satellite service, including direct-to-home satellite service, or to receive or transmit fixed wireless signals via satellite.
(2) An antenna that is one meter or less in diameter or diagonal measurement and is designed to receive video programming services via broadband radio service (wireless cable) or to receive or transmit fixed wireless signals other than via satellite.
(3) An antenna that is designed to receive local television broadcast signals.
In addition, antennas covered by the rule may be mounted on "masts" to reach the height needed to receive or transmit an acceptable quality signal (e.g.  maintain line-of-sight contact with the transmitter or view the satellite).  Masts higher than 12 feet above the roofline may be subject to local permitting requirements for safety purposes.  Further, masts that extend beyond an exclusive use area may not be covered by this rule
  • Clotheslines
    a)      Clotheslines are permitted per Florida Statute 163.04 ”Energy devices based on renewable resources”. 
Extract from Florida statute:
A deed restriction, covenant, declaration, or similar binding agreement may not prohibit or have the effect of prohibiting solar collectors, clotheslines, or other energy devices based on renewable resources from being installed on buildings erected on the lots or parcels covered by the deed restriction, covenant, declaration, or binding agreement. A property owner may not be denied permission to install solar collectors or other energy devices by any entity granted the power or right in any deed restriction, covenant, declaration, or similar binding agreement to approve, forbid, control, or direct alteration of property with respect to residential dwellings and within the boundaries of a condominium unit. Such entity may determine the specific location where solar collectors may be installed on the roof within an orientation to the south or within 45° east or west of due south if such determination does not impair the effective operation of the solar collectors.
Rental restrictions, a proposal
Posted on Nov 13th, 2019
At the 11/12 Board meeting the following proposal was approved for delivery to all owners of record.  This proposed addition to our Declarations of Restrictions of Real Estate addresses the lack of an Ocean Woods rule restricting rental duration.  This proposed rental restriction, a ballot and a self addressed return envelope will be mailed in the near future. We must have  2/3's approval so please vote and mail.  Approval means no Airbnb "one room, one night" and other short term rentals.
The proposal:
Rental Restrictions.  Renting of a dwelling on a Lot or any room or part of a dwelling on a Lot, or licensing of a dwelling on a Lot or any room or part of a dwelling on a Lot for use, is prohibited for periods of less than twenty-eight (28) days.  Advertising, using, or holding a dwelling on a lot out as available for rent or use for a period of less than twenty-right (28) days is prohibited. 
Resilient Cape Canaveral, 2019 Study
Posted on Nov 13th, 2019
This study addresses storm surge/flooding, seal level rise and sea level rise + surge.
Thanksgiving in Ocean Woods
Posted on Nov 8th, 2019

The tradition continues
Thursday, November 28th. 1:00 pm at the clubhouse.

It's a "potluck supper" meal at which each guest brings food that is then shared by all.
What we need
Who's attending?  (For our planning)​​​​​​​
What might you bring to share?  (Optional)
Who do you know that cannot attend?
(We will prepare a plate for delivery)
Call or visit Jane to view the list of what's on the menu and what you may contribute.  She's at 321-783-8293
We'll provide soft drinks, water, coffee and tea.  Bring your own adult beverages.

~ Message Board ~
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~    Upcoming Events    ~
Thanksgiving in Ocean Woods
Thursday, November 28th, 1:00 pm at at the Clubhouse
The tradition continues.  The annual Thanksgiving gathering and dinner will be at the clubhouse.
Call for Candidates and first notice of annual meeting
Friday, December 6th
On or before December 8. 2019 we will mail a "Notice of the annual meeting and a call for candidates" to all owners.  
Candidate cut off
Thursday, December 26th
December 26 is the last day to submit your written intention to be a candidate for the Board of Directors.  Must be in writing.
2n Notice of annual meeting of members
Tuesday, December 31st
On or before December 31, 2019 all owners will be mailed the following:
  1. Agenda for annual meeting.
  2. Candidate information.
  3. A proxy form and instructions.
  4. A stamped and addressed return envelope.
  5. A ballot envelope.
Annual meeting of members
Tuesday, February 4th, 7:00pm at Clubhouse
The annual meeting and election of officers.

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