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Contact via email/phone:
  • Email: Karen: (Community Manager), Office Assistant:(Ocean Woods office)
  •  Phone:  Community Manager Karen: (321) 394-7750, Office, (321) 783-8293, Sprinkler problem?  (321)-777-6763.
  • Office hours: Tuesday thru Saturday 9:00AM to Noon
  • Showcase after hours emergency (866) 696-1669
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Hurricane Prep for Residents
Posted on Sep 26th, 2022
Hurricane Prep for Residents
  • Do NOT put out trash that does NOT fit in your trash container. Bulk items will not be picked up by Waste Pro.
  • Take in small or light weight items including lawn chairs. Try to eliminate as many potential flying objects.
  • You should have 1.5 gallons of water per day per person on hand. Also, fill your bathtub with water for bathing or flushing toilets.
  • Be sure to charge your cell phones
  • Sand will be available on Tuesday at the sandpit to the east of the Family Pool (follow sand trail). You can purchase empty sandbags at Ace Hardware and The Home Depot. PLEASE return the sand to the pit once you are finished using it. Do NOT put on common ground as this will cause flooding.
  • Taking sand off the beach is illegal and can cause more flooding issues for our community.
  • Please check in on your neighbors!! In the event of an extended outage please check in at the clubhouse for additional resources.
  • Pools will be closed starting on Tuesday at noon in order to prepare for this storm. 
Volunteers needed. Please call 321-394-7761 if you are available to volunteer before and after the storm.
Desktop Computer with Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse, $75.00
Posted on Sep 25th, 2022
Dear Residents,
We are offering our old office system for sale to residents prior to posting on Craig's List.  It's a DELL Inspiron 3650, Intel I5, 1TB HDD, 8GB RAM, 21" Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse & WIN10 Home. 
I'll have it in the office area Tuesday morning or you may send me an email directly by clicking on the photo below.
Webmaster Don
Manager's Report, August 2022
Posted on Sep 10th, 2022
1.Sidewalk Repair: proposals for new sidewalk requests are as follows 8738 Croton 52 ft long $2200 has extra digging, shaping and hump on each side by gate and 8744 Croton 51 ft long $1850 and 8715 Lantana 21 ft long $850 to be approved by the Board in October Meeting.  
2. North Buffer Zone   Marlowe Landscaping is maintaining this area and keeping an eye on the growth in this area to ensure that we hit 80% of required growth by December 2023.
3.  Landscaping:  Marlowe continues to complete work orders assigned to them every week as requested by Owners. Removed the Strangler Fig at 8752 Honeysuckle and stump removal at 8756 Honeysuckle $200.
4. Work Orders This report was sent last week to the Board.
5. Rats Boxes are no longer being baited and the Truly Nolan contract has been canceled.  Owner may bait the empty boxes that are around their units at any time.  The office has the Bait box key should any owner require the use of it.
6.  Pools Luke Gel Pools started the pool service on June 1, 2022.  We had them do a special cleaning of the family pool surface to be able to continue the use of the pool before the resurfacing will be reviewed, approved and started in the fall which will require the family pool to be closed.  Bids are currently being obtained to present to the Board 2 have been received should have all for the October meeting.  The adult pool gate lock is not working and we have been waiting for weeks on a backorder for this part.
7. Camera The front and back gate cameras are back up and running and the new tablet is allowing for quick and fast review in order to charge gate violators.  Since completed we have charged 12 violators with the cost to repair the gates and boom gate totally $3,028.40 and collected $2299.66 in reimbursed expenses.  Two of the accounts have been placed with the attorney in which both of these should be paid in full in the week ahead.
8. Maintenance Has been submitted to the Board as I receive it.
9.  Automatic Access The gates have been functioning well since repaired this past month.  Only outstanding issue is the back gate router and we are working with Spectrum to resolve this issue.
10.  Automatic Rain They have been great about repairs and I have asked them to start listing the address repaired so that all owners know where work has been done since the last PM report.
8759 Oleander 2 nozzles
8751 Oleander Nozzle
8758 Oleander Nozzle
Office 3 nozzles
Lantana Blvd pop-up, 2 nozzles
Camelia Blvd 2 nozzles
8716 Jasmine 1 nozzle
8753 Honeysuckle 1 nozzle
8754 Honeysuckle 1 nozzle
8755 Honeysuckle 1 pop-up, 1 nozzle
Adult pool nozzle
Install new pump for C timer
Replace 2 rotors and 2 risers for the north buffer zone
8769 Live Oak pop-up, nozzle, riser
8767 Live Oak 2 nozzle, 4 risers
8752 Banyan 2 nozzle, 1 riser
8751 Banyan 1 nozzle
8758 Banyan 1 nozzle
8764 Banyan pop-up, nozzle, 2 risers
8759 Palmetto 1 nozzle
8706 Croton 1 nozzle
Bay Blvd 2 nozzles
8720 Bay 1 nozzle
8710 Bay 1 nozzle
8705 Bay 1 nozzle
Live Oak Blvd pop-up, nozzle, swing joint, pipe repair
Seagrape Blvd pop-up, nozzle
8753 Banyan pop-up, nozzle
8751 Banyan pop-up, nozzle
8755 Palmetto pop-up, 2 nozzle, valve and node
8767 Live Oak 2 nozzles
8781 Live Oak 2 nozzles, riser
8791 Live Oak pop-up, 2 nozzles
East gate 2 nozzles
8712 Bay pop-up, 2 nozzles
11.  Lighting: No lighting issues reported in August
12.  Pierce Spraying:   On site and completed the regular service treatment.  Had no complaints.
13.  Welcome Letter:   A welcome letter is being sent to all new Owners that are purchasing to review account payment, clickers, fobs, vehicle registration and 28- day minimum rental periods. 
14.  Paving Project Update:  Submitted the Universal Engineering core sample report to the 3 paving vendors to revisit their original bid and update the new requirements as outlined in the new report.
WebCam - Cocoa Beach Pier
Posted on Oct 21st, 2020
Check the weather at the pier. (Click on the camera to view)

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